Tartarus, C-

An interesting script completely ruined by a lack of budget. To put it another way: The best film David Lynch didn’t direct.

Great fractured storytelling. However the budget couldn’t have been more than $10,000 US. Filmed on a consumer grade camcorder, with home-grown unfinished special effects, and a lack of shooting locations. This lack of budget is extremely apparent, which is why Red Letter Media featured the movie on Best of the Worst.

I really enjoyed the storyline though. Felt extremely inspired by Eraserhead, The Jar, and Mullholland Drive as a view into purgatory for the dammed, where you can be spared eternal torture if you understand and acknowledge your sins.

Major step above Suburban Sasquatch for director Dave Wascavage but still a piece of shit.

First screening August 1, 2022 on Amazon Prime.



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