Stranger Things 4 — Part 2, D

An insulting conclusion to Season 4.

Remember the comparisons to Thanos in the previous review? Well, this Vecna/One character basically shaped the upside-down and created the Mind Flayer. The final three episodes (I’ll get to that later) were setup in a 3 act structure A/B/C story similar to Infinity War. The last act has a big boss battle before the aftermath/epilogue as well. And just like Avengers Infinity War, our heroes should have gone for the head. Instead…

This season ended like a bad episode of Scooby Doo, complete with a Mystery Machine (Surfer Boy Pizza van) traveling cross-country in 48 hours. Our enemy is defeated? Hell no. He’s gone in 2 minutes thanks to a Deus-Ex Machina. Our heroes prevailed? Hell no. They are broken, defeated and mourning over the losses taken from battle. Finally, they realize that they’ve actually lost.

It’s fucking insulting. Not only that, but delaying the finale when you clearly directed the final episode to be released as 2 episodes — there’s a fade to black around the 75–90 min mark to roll credits… that’s a special case of fuck you Netflix. Now writing this, I also realize the story also copied Infinity War with the teams separated (Russia, Hawkins, California) until the epilogue.

There’s also technical aberrations. Framerates on these episodes fluctuated between VFR and NTSC. CGI was wonky in places (especially end scene). The pyro stunt w/ the helicopter in Nevada was inorganic.

With the Duffer Brothers confirming a time skip for Season 5… I’m fully prepared for the Endgame parallels. But my love for the show is over. I’d rather everything be explained by a Lovecraftian entity rather than angsty teenager.

1 day binge July 3, 2022 on Netflix.



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