Stranger Things 4 — Part 1, C+

Netflix forced The Duffer Brothers to tell the villain origin story at the end of the series. Unfortunately its full of clichés.

Take 1 half Thanos pre-snap and 1 half Anthony Fremont (The Twilight Zone episode It’s a Good Life) and you have Vecna. Had to think about that reference for a while but his mannerisms clearly reference the kid from that Twilight Zone episode.

I’m also real tired of the 80s nostalgia. With how much the main cast aged since Season 2, they should instead be closer to university level and in the 90s. You know the characters are too old when Millie Bobby Brown has to be deep-faked to illustrate the origin story.

Also, these fucking episodes are WAY TOO LONG. Just tons and tons of exposition. I can see it being amazing in a book since its Lovecraftian, but in a television series? Fuck right off.

Outside of that, loving the side character moments.

Ultimately I’m looking to complete the series based on the teaser just released, mostly because of sunk cost fallacy.

Two day binge Memorial Day weekend, 2022 on Netflix.



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