Project Gutenberg, D+

UUgh, what a waste of a movie. The focus appears to be about creating counterfeit money, instead the movie is about power. Who holds power can create a replacement on what they can’t obtain. Told from 4 points of view, the strengths were Chow Yun Fat mentoring Aaron Kwok, but then… we are told after 90 minutes that the entire story so far was a fabrication. From there, the movie turns to shit before a jealous woman scorned performs a murder-suicide.

Turn the movie off after Chow Yun Fat is arrested, and you have a good movie. Keep going and you get rancid trash.

I see similar trends with other Hong Kong movies from the past decade, and wonder if this is a cultural failure of the writers or directors.

First viewing October 11, 2021 on Amazon Prime.



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