Lexx 4, B

There’s a wake of death with the destruction of Water and Fire.

This final season is an examination of the afterlife in the world of Lexx. Prince is revealed to be the personification of Death in the Dark Zone. The events of the previous season break the cycle of life and death for the souls of humanity and they become reborn on Earth.

At the same time, the season and characters are a direct reverse parallel to the events in the Light Zone.

Kai, Stanley, Xev = Prince, Priest, Bunny

Lyekka is a parallel to Mantrid. Finale of the series is the reverse of the series pilot. Prince’s crew steal a ship from a self-absorbed mind and start a new adventure, similar to how Kai’s crew stole the Lexx from the Cluster.

Lovely parallels.

Problem is the writing change halfway through the season. First half focused on exploration of Earth and remnants of His Divine Shadow, while second half focused on Kai and Prince conflicting since they are both personifications of death. Similar to quantum mechanics, they can’t both exist in the Dark Zone.

Technically, there’s an increased budget. However in 2022 there’s only 480p viewing available. Impressive acting by Patricia Zentilli as Bunny, emulating Xev. Ultimately, should have been a shorter season like the preceding one.

First screening between June and August 2022, finishing August 16 on The Roku Channel and for free on Internet Archive.



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