Jackie Brown, B-

Hmm… it’s definitely a Tarantino movie, but with some specific flaws.

Jackie Brown, a flight attendant, smuggles money from Mexico into the United States for Ordell Robbie, a gun runner in Los Angeles.

The movie follows a fairly linear plot. No temporal issues or diversions from a standard three act structure. Half the movie focuses on Ordell Robbie’s selfishness and the rest focuses on Jackie Brown’s emergent mid-life crisis after being arrested.

Pam Grier, Samuel Jackson and Robert Forster give career performances. Michael Keaton and Robert De Niro were too old for the characters they represented. I’m not certain why the supporting cast sans Chris Tucker was bored out their mind, but the main cast was excellent. This speaks to problems on-set.

Perhaps my biggest hesitation is enjoying a Blaxploitation film at the turn of the millennium. This film seems more dated than Pulp Fiction from 1994 due to overuse of film grain overlay and the throwback 70s soundtrack.

There’s a nice double-double cross that’s revealed around the end of the 2nd act that saved the movie from a lower grade. That is to say I ultimately did enjoy the movie.

First screening July 31, 2022 on HBO Max.



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