Fringe 2, B+

The weakest season of Fringe.

Took me awhile to digest the season, but I’m taking a lot into consideration and ignoring the nostalgia of the latter half of the season. Remember in The X-Files Season 2, where Gillian Anderson was written out of the plot due to her pregnancy? Well, for some odd reason, Kirk Acevedo was written out of Fringe, only to return in the next season. And his return was uneventful and not central to the plot of Fringe.

Other flubs throughout the season: The first half is focused on shapeshifters, lead by Thomas Jerome Newton and that plot thread dissolves mid-season. Peter is told to be important without context, which is provided as the focus of Season 4. Cortexiphan is supposed to be the main chemical responsible for perception, but apparently LSD is a suitable substitute in an adult (Momentum Deferred)?

This season has some of the best episodes (Brown Betty, White Tulip, Over There) and some of the worst episodes (Of Human Action, Johari Window, Snakehead). The ramp-up just continues going forward though.

Re-watched last 2 weeks of February 2022 on HBO Max.



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